Silence, silence, silence…

I remember that Jose once told me about a gathering at his friend Inna’s place. Since Inna comes from Russia, so there are gatherings of Russian friends from time to time. 

Once, Jose was there also. 

He asked one Russian guy, “Do you like Canada?” 

The guy answered, “Sure, I love Canada.” 

Jose asked again, “Which part of Canada do you like most?” 

At that time, Jose was thinking about, let’s say, freedom, nature or something like that. But the answer was very surprising. 

The guy said, “Silence.” 

And he kept repeating, “I love the silence in Canada.” 

Jose felt this guy was very nice. But because he had been living himself in Canada since he was born, he could not really grasp the deep meaning of what the guy just said. 

After I came back to Beijing from Fuzhou, there was a question being asked to me many many times, “Yuan, which city do you prefer? Beijing or Fuzhou?” 

In fact, it is really difficult to answer. These two cities even can not be compared. But if I had a choice, I would prefer to live in Fuzhou. Why? Because it is much more silent than in Beijing.

I miss the silence.


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