In memory of Ida

A year ago, I was browsing on Xiaohongshu and came across a video from an Australian blogger named Ida, who was a terminal breast cancer patient.

Her videos mainly share her illness, and then convey her confidence in overcoming the disease to encourage people.

To be honest, there are a lot of videos like this on the Internet, and I generally don’t watch them, because they have nothing to do with my life, anyway.

But I occasionally watched a video of her sharing a book, and I really liked the way she spoke, the speed, the tone, and the intonation.

I feel that the tone and intonation when people talk are more important than the content of what they are saying.

The content may convey only 30% of the information, but 70% is hidden in the tone and the intonation.

We often say that a person must learn to “speak well”. Does “speak well” only refer to the content of your speech?


In the videos, Ida described the progress of her illness, her treatments, and her sharings on how to accept and conquer cancer.

All these informations made me feel that this person was very calm but at the same time very powerful, very loving, very strong, very persistent, very tolerant, very understanding, in a nutshell a person with a lot of empathy.

Her condition was progressing very rapidly. Her breast cancer was already in the third stage when it was discovered.

Although active treatments were performed, brain metastasizes were discovered immediately afterwards, and signs of other metastasizes were also found on her spine.

The illness, from discovery to end, only took two years.

Before Christmas, I suddenly saw a letter she wrote to everyone. It was a farewell letter.

Because she knew she didn’t have much time left, she decided to come up and say “Goodbye” to everyone before leaving.

I saw “Love & Light” written under her signature, and I felt really sad.

She said in her farewell letter that she was not afraid of death, but she thought about her two children, especially her youngest son, who was too young to understand what was happening, at only two years old and would definitely forget her when he will grow up.

She said she feels very sad every time she thinks about it.

When I read this, I wanted to comfort her very much. It was the first time I impulsively left a message to someone I did not know on the Internet.

I wrote, “Hello Yuwei! You are a person of light. Even in another world, your light will continue to shine and warm all the people you love in this world ! No regrets, love will last forever !” Bless you!”

But I felt regretful immediately after writing and sending it out.

Because I feel that since she wrote goodbye to the Internet and decided to spend the rest of her time with her family, she would not be able to read the message I wrote.

I began to regret about why I was so stingy and never sent her any message while she was still alive, even a few words to express my support for her.

Then Jose told me that it doesn’t matter, the two worlds are connected by love.

“Just like what you wrote, when she will arrive in that other world, people here will still feel her light. Then the message you wrote to her in this world will be received by her in that other world also.”


Finally Ida left on December 25, 2023, Christmas Day.

I asked Jose, how could God be so cruel to take away Ida on Christmas Day ? How would you let her family and children celebrate Christmas in the future ? Every new Christmas will be a death anniversary for the children’s mother.

Jose said, “No, God is very kind. He gave Ida a gift on Christmas and also gave a gift to her family. Because on Christmas Day, Ida finally no longer had to suffer from illness. This is the greatest gift God has given to her and her family !”

Ohh !

The comfort in my heart at that time… His answer really gave me great comfort, which I can’t express in words.

This is why I quoted Ida’s “Love & Light”, “Lumière et Amour” when I wrote my Christmas greetings on my blog a few days ago.

I think Westerners do not shy away from saying love, they are not afraid to say “love”, and it is not stingy saying “love”. In addition to speaking “English” and “French”, they also speak a language, which is the language of love.

Despite the unfortunate fate, although we have never met, we are strangers to each other, and had no intersection in the real world.

I still hope that I can remember her. The light and strength Ida once brought to me.

Be positive and optimistic !

Strive to live !  Love your life and always move forward !

In memory of Ida.

Blessings to her family.

This is a website her family created to remember her :



From a stranger and a friend

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