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High Mountain and Running Water
    Recently I told this music’s story to Jose and he was deeply touched by it. So much so, in fact, that he convinced me to write an English translation that I am pleased to offer to my foreign friends who might appreciate it as much as he did.
    This true story is about a skillfull and very famous zheng player who lived during the Spring and Autumn Period (770 – 476 B.C.); his name was Yu Boya.
    One day, as he was sightseeing on a small boat with many beautiful images swirling in his mind Yu began to play his zheng, improvising as he was going along.
    At the same moment a woodcutter was standing on the bank of the river, his name was Zhong Ziki.
    While approaching, Yu was imagining a beautiful mountain and his skilled hands where making his zheng descride this mountain.
     To his surprise, when he got closer to Zhong he heard him saying quietly that the mountain he was describing with his music was as magnificent as it was reaching to the sky.
     Mystified, he then began to think about water and let his zheng depict waves rolling one after the other in a graceful water ballet.
     A moment later, Zhong said softly “You are now describing a great river.”
    Yu was amazed to discover that another human beeing could understand him so deeply and from then on they became very special friends; they were soulmates.
    Years later, when Zhong Ziqi died, Yu Boya broke his zheng and decided that he would never play again because he felt that nobody else in the whole world could really understand what he was playing.
    This simple story tells us that this music was able to last thousands of years because it has such a deep meaning behind.
    It simply tells the unique happiness you can feel when life gives you the wonderful gift of meeting a true soulmate as it reflects on the deep sadness the loss of your soulmate brings to you.
    Hence, when in China people feel it is difficult to find someone who could totally understand them they always play this zheng music – the very same one you are listening to now… – to express their sincere hopes deep inside.
    This music is not difficult to play since the skills required are small, but if you wish to express your real feelings through the zheng you must be able to create a beautiful picture of High Mountain and Running Water in your heart and, over and above everything, you should understand the true and deep meaning of beeing a soulmate.
    Sometimes I really feel that this mymuzi.com blog is like a small garden for my soul.
    In the beginning I was offering words, musics and illustrations to my dear readers, but now to my amazement I discover that I am doing it to answer a personal need to create …which I share with my readers.
    In a world where finding a person that can really understand you or, better yet, where you can meet your true soulmate is such a rare privilege, I believe that you can find Joy and Happiness simply by learning to become your own best friend…


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  1. hello i listen 2 the song of yu boya and i like it verry much.did u play it by urself?
    thanks a lot…sche sche ni markus

  2. Hey Yuan, do yo uhave a new mobile number?
    The one I have does not work anymore, I’m in Qingdao, tomorrow move to Xinghua, wanted to call you…

  3. Thanks so much for your translation. 我在中国已经住了20年了,但是今天是第一次读到这个故事。感谢您。本来我是美国人。现在我是中国人。



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