Lesson 60 Punctuation

As requested, José helped my friend Azalea to edit her thesis…

Azalea got his corrections by email, and then she talked to me,

“Wow,  more than 200 corrections… only for one chapter…José is much more strict than my tutor !!”

I laughed, “Ahhhahaha, now you know …  Never too late to know that…”


Is José strict ? More than that !

One day, I wrote a few sentences, in French.

After I finished, I asked José to take a look to verify them.

José came, he read, and he said, “Ahhh, there is a mistake, the punctuation is not correct… here, this one, it should be used before this word, not after.”

I was quite astonished…

I said, “Is that it ?”

José said, “Yes, that’s it.”

Pooof… I rolled my eyse at him… “Then, it is not a mistake, it is only a punctuation…”

José said, “But punctuation is a part of French also, isn’t it ?”


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