If you asked me the word I heard most often from my clients, I think that my answer would be the word “Stress”.

How many times do my clients tell me:
“Madame Guo, I have a lot of stress.”
“Madame Guo, I have stress from my work ; I have stress in my family.” … etc.

Stress is not only a heaviness that we feel in our hearts, but it is also a weight that we carry on our shoulders.

Stress builds up over time, day after day, month after month, year after year …

Until a moment when it weights like a psychological mountain. It’s heavy !


Slowly, this mountain crushes us inside ; it also causes a lot of muscle tensions.

Little by little, we begin to feel the tensions on our back ; our shoulders and shoulder blades.

These tensions go up to our trapezius, our neck, our head and can also go down into our lumbar region and our legs …

Yes, often, stress is the source of our muscle tensions.

So what damage can stress cause us ?


I have a client who is a doctor, he is a surgeon.

A few years ago, he came to see me.

He told me that he had constant pain from his herniated disc which also gave him the problem of sciatica ; to the point where his work was affected.

He explained to me that before he started his first operation, every morning that he had to operate, he had to take a powerful painkiller to be able to stand up for a long time.

Another doctor suggested him a surgery to remove his herniated disc.

As a surgeon himself, he told me that he knows both sides of the coin well and tried to find a way to avoid it.

So he searched to try to find alternative treatments, and that’s how he found me.

After a few treatments, he started to feel better and he became my regular client.


Two years later, he told me that he comes to see me now more for relaxation but not for pain as before.

He explained to me that the hospitals on the south shore were recently merged.

Now all of these hospitals are controlled by the same administrative system.

This new way of doing things has taken away a lot of work for him ; now he can focus only on his surgical work.

So he has a lot less stress now.

He told me that the administrative situation is much better for him like that.

He’s more happy, relaxed and light, which helped reduce his pain.

The pain in his back that had been familiar to him for years is now asleep.

He is very happy ; and I’m very happy for him too.


He finds that he was lucky …

He told me, “Imagine that I managed to avoid an operation … Even if I’m a surgeon, the operation is the last thing I want to have.”

Understood !


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