Lesson 63 Everybody can open a new world for you


When I met Hao Jie for the first time, I was reading a magazine which I bought from a bookstore.

She looked at me and she looked at the magazine, and then she said one sentence which I still remember today.

She said, “It would be better for you to read a book instead of a magazine.”

Later, we became friends and then she introduced me to many good writers, and a lot of good books, it was like she opened a new world for me.

She kept telling me another thing, which I remember always, it was “When you want to buy a book, it is very important to take a look at the publishing house.”


Before I met my other friend Ya Xin, I didn’t have the opportunity to watch a film, I mean a really good film.

Except a few films about patriotism organized by the school…

Yes, I came from a very small city in the southern part of China, and we did not have much intellectual food there.

It was Ya Xin who introduced me to the world of good films.

I still remember that the first DVD she lent me was “The Shawshank Redemption”.

She told me, “A good film can change your life.”

Since then, I watched hundreds of films, good films.


Before I met Zhu Rui, another friend, I didn’t know who was Hayao Miyazaki ; I had no idea about Joe Hisaishi ; never watched Spirited Away…

It was Zhu Rui who introduced me to the Japanese new age music culture.

Because of him, new age music became one of my passions.


Before I met José, I rarely listened to the classical music.

Somehow I felt that classical music is only for the old people..

And it was José, who not only introduced me to classical music pieces, but he also explained to me :

How the music was composed ?

What is the music talking about ?

What kind of emotions the music expresses…


José kept telling me that classical music is music for the intelligence.

It has its logic, its emotions, its organization, its sensitiveness…and etc.

And every body could have his own understanding towards the same classical music piece.

He said, that in a film, the soul is the director ; and in an orchestra, the soul is the conductor.


You see, I was like a white paper before, and because I met these people, the white paper began to be filled with different colours and tones.

Every new person can open a new world for me.

In China, we have a saying, “When three people are walking together, I am sure to find a teacher among them. I will recognize their good qualities and follow them ; their bad qualities and avoid them.”

As José often said, “Stay humble, stay hungry, you always have something to learn from the others. And every person you meet could be a window through a fantastic world for you.”


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