Lesson 66 PMP

My way of writing blogs in English and in French, is very demanding.

In fact, it takes me a look of time to write them.

Because to write in English or in French, I have my 4 steps to flow.

First, I have to write them by hand, on a piece of paper. 

And then, I ask José to help me to correct them.

After that, I record all of his corrections and I study them.

Then, at last, I type my corrected blogs, which are clean and neat, on the computer as a final work. 


Sure, I could have typed my blogs on the computer directly and sent them to José for the corrections.

Nobody forces me to write them by hand.

But I realize that afterwards I could not notice easily where José has made the corrections.

But if I write them by hand,  I can see all of the corrections clearly and I can take note of them.

This method could help me to avoid making the same mistakes later.

Sometimes, I believe that writing by hand is most effective.

Especially , when it is related to study. 


Is there any progress in my writing ?

Sure, because now, from time to time, José was surprised that I didn’t make a mistake in a paragraph.

He said, before that, when he read my writing, his eyes were bleeding …

I said, and how about now ?

He said, “Hmmmm, still bleeding, but less.”

I said, “Come on … I could feel I get better now, because there are less and less mistakes.”

José said, “Sure, sure. Your contents are always interesting. You just need to be careful about the container. Keep an eye on the grammer and spelling. Keep writing. Because, PMP !”

I asked, “What is that ?”

José smiled,  “Pratice Makes Perfect !”


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