Lesson 68 “Wants” and “needs”

I always feel that there are two kinds of people in the world.

One “wants” money and the other one doesn’t “want” money.

Of course, in fact, everyone needs money, right ?

But there are still some differences between “want” and “need”.


And your attitude towards money is, most of time, an education that began in your childhood.

I was brought up in a very difficult environment. 

For me, money is very important, and there are many other things that come along with money, which are feelings of security, self-esteem, dignity even…

So, sometimes it became to be very heavy in my mind.

No doubt, I am the kind of person who “wants” money.


José is different.

José’s grandfather was a very rich timber business man.

He even paid for José’s pilot course as a gift.

So José got his private pilot license when he was just 17 years old.

After that, aviation became to be his lifetime passion.

This rich man taught José to keep a light attitude towards money in life.

Which is, “Money is just a tool, that is it, that is all.”

So José’s attitude towards money, is “I respect you, but I am not willing to be enslaved by you.”

José always told me, “Life is quite simple. You need to balance two things only, the “wants” and the “needs”.

If you ask for more “wants” than “needs”, it begins to go out of your capacity, you lose the balance and you will be unhappy.

If you are content with what you “need”, try to get more what you “want” but not in an exaggerated way, then you are safe, it is ok.”


Another interesting thing that his grandfather taught him, “Expensive things are for poor people.”

Which means that when you buy things, it is better to buy the quality, because it lasts.

And in a long term, buying quality things helps you to save money.

So, if you are not well off enough to change the things 5 times a year, it is even more important for you to limit your “wants” and buy only quality things that you “need”.

But when José told me that, he smiled, “Yuan, you know my theory in life,  it is always very simple.

Remember, go for quality, just because you deserve it.” 


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