One day, I told José, “Today, a client, a woman, kept saying that you were so nice with her over the phone.”

José said, “Really ? That is very kind of her.”

I said, “She kept repeating to me, two or three times, “Wow, il est très gentil, très gentil…””

I smiled, “One day, if you don’t answer the phone anymore, people will…”

What I wanted to say, was “People will miss you or people will miss your voice” something like that.

But José interupted me.

He said, “Forget me.”

I was taken aback by surprise.

He looked at me, nodding, “Yes, people will simply forget me. Do you think they will remember me ? No. People have many other things to think about. Like children, work, house, wife, husband, dog, cat, income tax…”

“Hahahaha” I laughed.

I asked, “And what about me ? “

He blinked at me, “Yes, the very same thing. When you will not be there anymore, people will simply forget you. That is human nature.”

Hmmmmm, well, I should say that what I like about José, is just his delightfully practical mind.


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