Lesson 77 : Neatness

Like everyone, José has some particular personel habits.

If you don’t know him well, then you may not understand what he is doing.


For example, every meal, the first thing José does, is to lift the plate and take a look at the bottom …

Sometimes he nods, smiles, and feels content and satisfied ; sometimes not.

But why ?

What is happening ?

Ahh, this is because he needs to check whether the plate is “straight”.


But you could see that the plate has a quadrilateral form, which means that each side is equal.

You can not really make the difference from the “upside”,”downside” or “sideways”.

When viewed from the front, the look is the same.

But for José, this is not the case !

For him, there is only one way to set the plate correctly : the logo of the plate should be always straight !

That is why he checks the logo on the bottom of the plate every time.


Sometimes, you think it is funny ; but sometimes, it is annoying …

But for José, he is always the same.

Neat and absolutely neat !


For any kind of neatness, I should say that José really has an absolute passion.

He can not tolerate seeing a plate, or anything else set crookedly.

Honestly it is not even disturbing for me, beacause  I don’t see that.

But for José, it is more than un uneasyness, it is a torture.

He can not stand it until he could ease his feelings by remedyig the matter, setting the plate straight.


Perfectionists are not always easy to get along with.

You know what I mean. 

But José sticks to his golden rule.

He says, “Neatness” is my god, always.


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