Lesson 78

In the last blog, I posted a piece of music which was composed by a French girl, by the name of May Bee.

Well, this is a very special story.

This is not a piece of music which I found online, but an orignial one specially written for me by May Bee.

Why ?

I don’t know …

She has been a friend of José on Facebook for more than 10 years.

But I personally never communicated with her.


One day, out of nowhere, she said she wanted to make an album for me.

How come ?

What happened ?

Don’t know at all …

Anyway… She said the name of the album is YUANNISME-LOTUS.

The first piece of this album is chinese style music, called La Route De La Joie. / The Road  to Joy.


At first, I was very surprised.

And then I listened to the demo and found it beautiful.

It definitely reminds me of some chinese culture symbols, such as Kong Fu, bamboo,  Chinese movies, Chinese traditional music … and so on.

I have talked about it with José.

I said, “Wow, she has never been to China. How come she has such precise ideas about the Chinese culture ?”

José said, “You insipired her.”

To be honest, I was totally flattered…


And then, José said, “In fact, it is also very beneficial for her. “

“Because it is a new challenge for her. She has never done this kind of music before. She has created something which is also brand new for her. It is the beauty of the human creativity.”

“By doing that, internaly, she can see and recognize her potential ; expand her horizons ; gain a higher sense self-satisfaction.”

I totally agreed with him.


You know… I  started writing my blog since 2009.

Sometimes, I wrote a text,  then I found a picture or photo, and then I found a piece of music and put all of those together.

Sometimes, I found a piece of music,  and according to my perception of that music I found a photo, and then I wrote some text about my perception of the ensemble.

Very rarely, I posted an image first, and then tried to find a piece of music to go with the image.

But anyway, text – image -music, I always wanted to make a good match with them.

“A good marriage” as I often said.


But we can not name it as an original blog, because it is not my illustrations ; my images or my photos ; it is not my music either ; some of the poems I put in here can date even thousands of years ago.

But I appreciate them, and I put them away in my personal online libary in an orderly manner, which is “Texts – Musics – Images”.

José calls this process, “Creativity in the making.”

He always says, “Well well well … you tooked the music here, you tooked the image there, sometimes you tooked the ancient chinese poems. But by blending them together, for creating a blog, it is your way, your style, your taste. There is no doubt that this is your creativity, your own blog. “

His words reassured me.

Because you know, I don’t want to be regarded as a “thief”, and encounter  any form of copyright conflict later…


And I should say that other people’s creativity is very inspring for me also.

For example, in the previous blog, May Bee’s music inspired me about a chinese poem which dates more than 900 years ago, and that I like very much.

So I posted this poem at the end of the blog.

Suddenly I had an idea, I said to José, “I can record a piece of my own voice reciting this poem and send it to Maylis.”

José was excited, saying, “Wow ! Good idea ! Why not ?”

And then, with his help, I recorded my first registered piece of Chinese poem with my voice …


But there was a moment that I said to myself, “What am I doing here now?? “

Because it really did not look like something that what I would do at all …


But José was very happy.

He said “You know, Yuan, that creativity is the most beautiful thing we humans beings can do.”

“Don’t be afraid. Keep doing it. If people judge you, let them be. Because for you, this is a need, a deep need. You want to express your creativity, it makes you happy which is very important for your personal development.”


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  1. Very interesting text and music! You have very good and instructive friends. Keep your creativity and positivity!


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